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6 Degrees of Bad Math Jokes | Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks

6 Degrees of Bad <b>Math Jokes</b> | <b>Math Jokes</b> 4 Mathy Folks

6 Degrees of Bad <b>Math Jokes</b> | <b>Math Jokes</b> 4 Mathy Folks

Posted: 27 Dec 2013 07:00 PM PST

December 27, 2013 at 10:00 pm

I once read an article that said, "To a greater or lesser degree, everything tastes like chicken." Well, that's true, but it's also true that everything tastes like broccoli, to a greater or lesser degree. Carrots, to a greater degree; mint chocolate chip ice cream, to a lesser degree.

To a greater or lesser degree, some of the following jokes are funny.

What did the thermometer say to the graduated cylinder?

Thermometer and Cylinder

A scientist dropped a thermometer and a candle from the roof of a building. He observed that both objects reached the ground at the same time. Conclusion: A thermometer falls at the speed of light.

A doctor walks into a meeting, and a nurse asks why he has a rectal thermometer behind his ear. "Damn," says the doctor, "some asshole has my pen!"

The star college football player was taking a math exam. The coach desperately needed him for the big game on Saturday, so the professor agreed to an oral exam.

"All right," said the professor. "How many degrees are in a circle?"

"That depends," said the boy. "How big is the circle?"

If you're cold and there's a right triangle nearby, stand in the corner opposite the hypotenuse. It's always 90° over there.

The number you have dialed is imaginary. Please rotate your phone 90°, and try again.

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Posted: 18 Oct 2013 12:00 AM PDT

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