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Business Mathematics (12th Edition)

Business Mathematics by Gary Clendenen and Stanley Salzman seems to cover most basic business maths.
Here is the Table of Contents for readers interested in getting a good idea of the subjects covered

1. Whole Numbers and Decimals
2. Fractions and Mixed Numbers
3. Percent
4. Equations and Formulas
5. Bank Services
6. Payroll
7. Mathematics of Buying
8. Mathematics of Selling
9. Simple Interest
10. Compound Interest and Inflation
11. Annuities, Stocks, and Bonds
12. Business and Consumer Loans
13. Taxes and Insurance
14. Depreciation
15. Financial Statements and Ratios
16. Business Statistics

Appendix A. The Metric System
Appendix B. Basic Scientific Calculators
Appendix C. Financial Calculators
Answers to Selected Exercises

By Victor L. Nazaire
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