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Introducing Logic: A Graphic Guide

If you have had any sort of encounter with logic (I've had propositional, predicate, and a touch of modal logic) this book will be a fun overview of the history of logic and important figures in the science. It covers classical, fuzzy, and quantum logic and explores the attempts to found mathematics on logical foundations (Frege, Russell). The ideas of all the greats are introduced with ease (Leibniz, Godel, Hilbert, Aristotle, Quine, Davidson, Turing, Wittgenstein, etc). And it details how computers have their basis in logical systems.

It's presented in cartoonish fashion, but is an intelligent (and not a dumbed down) overview of the subject. Someone who has not had logic will benefit from a couple of readings. As the book is not long this shouldn't be difficult (it might just be all you'd ever need or want to know about the subject).

There is a section of further reading that recommends one of the best 1st order logic book - Tomassi - that I've encountered. The other recommendations are perfect for one who wants to delve deeper into this fascinating field.
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