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MyMathLab: Student Access Kit

I am a college professor who uses My Math Lab. 
I also love amazon and their customer service. For a few semesters, mainly 2010-2011 while Pearson was making updates codes did not work. MY code would not even work. We, too, went through the rigamaroe with Pearson that the college was selling invalid codes, blah, blah. If you bought online with a credit card you were good to go but access codes were all saying invalid. The sad part is as far as I know, Pearson NEVER owned up to the problem being their fault. My students and I were able to finally access MML thanks to a Pearson rep who gave me a back door code.

We did not have any issues last year so I think you are safe to buy the code from Amazon. Why in eWorld the price keeps increasing is beyond me....but as another reviewer stated, "It's a racket". As a former college student, teacher, mother of 3 college graduates and a son who is a college junior, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE!!!!

M. Loghry "matheduc8tor"
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